Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

At Matfen, we believe that you’re never too young to make regular exercise part of your routine.

Children’s Mental Health Week, which runs from February 4 to 10, is encouraging children, young people and adults to look after their minds as well as their bodies.

The theme for 2019 is Healthy: Inside and Out and is based around the idea that the things we do to improve our physical wellbeing can have a similar effect on our mental wellbeing too.

The list of advantages which come built in for physically active children and young people speak for themselves. Better attention levels, good behaviour, better performance at school, co-ordination development, muscle and bone strengthening and a sleep quality boost can all be improved.

We’re always looking for new ways to welcome youngsters into the club so they can start enjoying the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

As well as the obvious attractions of the spa – a 16m pool, which comes complete with noodles, inflatables and dive rings on request – we have a range of sessions and activities kids can choose from, whether they’re a toddler or a teenager.

Last year we introduced three such classes, which have proved to be very popular. They’re open to both members and non-members and we’ve had amazing feedback from the children and their parents about the wider benefits they have experienced as a result.
Zumba Kids is an aerobic dance class which uses movement and music and has a very firm emphasis on fun.

Relax Kids, in which children from three and up take part in a wide range of activities all designed to help them relax and learn techniques to look after their emotional and mental health.

Teen and tween yoga classes, which are specially tailored to teach simple yoga techniques that can help stretch and strengthen the body. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, yoga can also help with issues they might be going through such as stressful schedules and the physical and emotional changes which come with adolescence.

Our studio class co-ordinator, Jo Stichbury has been really impressed with how much her teenage daughter,  has gained from taking part in the yoga classes.

She says: “Jessica has greatly benefited from these yoga sessions. Not only have they improved her flexibility and posture  – which in turn have helped support her in other sporting activities – but they have also been really useful in terms of her mental wellbeing.

“Jessica is currently choosing her options at school which has been quite stressful for her. These sessions have helped her relax and she is sleeping better too, making it easier for her to focus in school.”

We’ve been thrilled with the take-up and response to our classes for children and young people and it’s certainly something we will be looking to build on in the future.

At Matfen, we offer a range of individual, joint and family memberships. Throughout Children’s Mental Health week, new family memberships will enjoy a 20% discount. This is based on a 12-month contract and at least one junior must join with at least one adult.  Open to new members only. Joining fees apply £40.00 per adult and £10.00 per Junior.  Junior memberships vary depending on facility use. Call 01661 855 710 or email