Employee of the Month

Our Employee of the Month is voted for by Heads of Departments and recognises hard working, dedicated members of staff who are going above and beyond for their colleagues and the business.

We are delighted to have awarded the following so far this year…

JANUARY – Gareth Wade, Conference & Banqueting

For his dedication to the team following a very busy festive season, going the extra mile for guests and always maintaining a positive attitude on every shift!

FEBRUARY- Jonny Levey, Golf

A vital member of the team, who had really ‘stepped up’ when he was needed in a demanding time, working extra days and hours but always keeping a smile on his face.

MARCH – Marcus Notley, Aqua Vitae

Nominated for his commitment to the fitness department with the new gym and he also completed Les Mills “Grit” training which is very intense, requires a lot of dedication and hard work, the class has already shown to have proved popular.