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Aqua Vitae Members Update COVID-19

Aqua Vitae Members COVID-19 Update

As we adjust to the recent changes ‘lockdown’ has imposed on us it has given us time to reflect on what is important to us, and at Aqua Vitae, it’s our community. The team at Aqua Vitae have been working hard to ensure we can continue to support our members and keep the community spirit alive, so here is a quick update for you on what we have been doing.


All memberships have been frozen until we re-open; this means that you do not need to do anything. Please do not cancel your direct debit and for annual paying members the period of frozen time will be added to the end of your membership.

If you received an invoice just before we closed, please just keep hold of it and your membership will restart when we open.

The Aqua Vitae App

The Aqua Vitae app can be accessed via the app store, please get in touch via e-mail if you require any assistance getting set up –

On the home screen you will find a section called COVID-19 Updates, where you can find the most recent club update.

Below this is a section called ‘Don’t be a stranger’, click on this section to access our virtual community (more information on this below!).

Archived newsletters can be found on the section called Aqua Vitae Club Updates then follow the Newsletter button.

The next section is called ‘Workouts at home’; here you will find workouts for all ages and abilities to do at home, or contact your coach through the app for a personalised programme.

Virtual Community

Our community is so important, so with this in mind we have created a virtual community on Facebook, in the form of a private group called ‘Aqua Vitae Live Classes’.

To access the group go to the Aqua Vitae at Matfen Hall Facebook page, like the page and you will see a pinned post at the top of the page. Click on the link and request to join the group. You will be asked for your name and membership number (found on your membership card), as some people use pseudo names that we don’t recognise and this group is for current members only.

In the group you will have access to support, fitness videos from the team including core conditioning, LBT, Body Attack, and HIIT, Les Mills on Demand and Live Classes including Body Pump and Dance fit to name but a few, we are hoping to publish a timetable very soon. Access to personalised programmes, meditations and advice are also available – we will be practising daily gratitude to ensure we stay positive and keep physically and mentally healthy during this time. It’s also a great opportunity to connect, share funny stories, memories, special occasions like birthdays and be a supportive community for everyone.

We realise that not everyone is on Facebook, however some members have created an account just so they can join the group and keep connected with the Aqua Vitae Community. We would love to see as many members join in with the group as possible.

If anyone has any ideas or feedback feel free to send a message via the Aqua Vitae Facebook page or e-mail Please keep an eye on the Aqua Vitae App or newsletters for any further updates.

Finally we would like to thank all of our members for their kind words and support and we look forward to welcoming you all back to the club once we reopen.

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